4 reasons cosmetic bags are your luxury travel essential

If you’re not one for travelling light, you’ll be all too aware of the trials and tribulations of trying to cram all of your luxury beauty products, toiletries and hair necessities into your carry-on for a weekend away. More often than not, you’ll end up having to add an item or two of checked luggage onto your booking – because quite honestly, who can survive a glamorous weekend in Paris or Florence without all the essentials to remain looking your best? From Michelin-starred dinners to evening drinks at the Champagne bar, in cities like these, sophistication is a must. And who exactly can create the perfect blow-out or that show-stopping Hollywood makeup look without the entire kit? Show us, we’ll wait.

If you’re travelling long-haul, then you might be tempted to bring even more luxuries with you. The longer you’re going away for, the more designer makeup you’ll need to see you through those endless evenings of tropical glitz and glamour. And that’s not even including the extra goodies you’re certain to pick up in Duty Free. In warmer weather, you might need even more of a variety of products than normal to keep your mane looking tamed and shiny and your makeup fixed firmly on your face.

So, what exactly is a girl to do?

Enter, the cosmetic bag – an essential for every woman facing a travel beauty dilemma, and in many cases, men, too.

These handy travel bags are a must for keeping your makeup, hair products and skincare well organised so that you can locate what you need with ease on your arrival – and are vital for preventing any unwelcome spillages amongst your designer clothes whilst your suitcase is in the hold. But cosmetic bags are even more versatile than you might first think, with a number of functional uses that will make your life easier in every way.

Intrigued? Read on – because we’ve broken down all of the reasons you can never have too many designer cosmetic bags in your life – and why exactly they are every traveller’s best friend.


A cosmetic bag is an essential item for every woman facing a travel beauty dilemma

Store your in-flight essentials

When it comes to flying long-haul, there are some in-flight essentials you just can’t do without, and although there are usually plenty of toiletries on offer in First Class, there is nothing quite like your own.

Moisturiser, lip salve and anti-bacterial hand gel are all important items to have on hand to prevent your skin from getting dehydrated by the cabin air and keep you safe from bacteria and germs. Plus, if you’re a cocktails at the bar kind of person, then having some of your favourite luxury makeup staples on hand is a must, too. A slick of mascara and lipstick is enough to brighten you up a little without the need to layer any drying foundations on your skin. You’ll want to avoid that at all costs to ensure your skin remains in good condition until you arrive.

Keep your women’s products discretely tucked away

No matter how hard we try to plan around it, ‘that time of the month’ always seems to roll around at just the wrong time. On holiday, use your cosmetic bag to discretely carry your sanitary products, whether in your carry-on or tucked inside your beach bag for a day out. Having them well contained in a zipped carrier will ensure that there are no embarrassing spillages on the lunch table or in the aisles. Let’s face it, who hasn’t dropped a tampon at some point while rummaging for their purse?

Pop essential items in it and keep it in your handbag

Passports, flight tickets and credit cards are all important essentials for any trip, but when you’re carrying everything else around with you all in one bag, they can be tricky to access when you need them the most. Tucking them all together into a zipped-up cosmetic bag can make rummaging for them a little easier in the check-in queue and whilst on the plane – plus, it will keep them that little bit safer when you reach your destination and are wandering the streets or the beach, too.

It will also prevent the need for any panic-stricken moments when you can’t find what you’re looking for. Fearing you’ve left your passport at home or have had your purse stolen is enough to kill those holiday vibes in minutes, but organise your items sensibly and you’ll avoid the worry.

When it comes to flying long-haul, there are some in-flight essentials you just can’t do without, and although there are usually plenty of toiletries on offer in First Class, there is nothing quite like your own

Organise your beauty kit

Roll-up cosmetic bags featuring numerous compartments provide a great way to organise your makeup and toiletries so that they are easy to find when you need them. Shampoos and face creams are often known to explode whilst in the hold, too, so having them protected rather than loose in amongst your clothes in sensible if you want them all to arrive clean and ready to wear.

Plus, let’s face it – moisturiser on that Gucci dress could spell disaster for your evening wardrobe, and ruin the holiday all together.

Place hair products and skincare in their own compartments within the roll, then separate out your makeup into base products and items for cheeks, lips and eyes. If you’re taking a brush kit then keep them zipped in their own section, too, as this will protect them from any spillages that could occur inside the bag itself.

When it comes to a successful getaway, from long-haul to short and staycations too, organising your essentials is key. Flapping at the airport for your passport or realising your foundation is at the bottom of your suitcase when you need it can cause exactly the kind of unnecessary stress you’re trying to escape from, so doing all you can to make the travelling process run smoothly – and for things to continue along the same way once you reach your hotel – will make things that little bit more enjoyable.

From city breaks to sun, sea and sand, it’s the little luxuries that make all the difference – so be sure to treat yourself to a new designer cosmetic bag or three before you. Whatever happens, your essentials will be travelling in style – just like you.