3 productive ways to spend your unexpected extra time at home

As we head into yet another week of quarantine and another seven days confined to our homes, many of us are starting to look for ways to become a little more productive and make the best use of our time. After all, it’s not often we get to spend such an extended period of time at home, and although it’s not happening for the best of reasons, that doesn’t mean we can’t make the best of what we’ve been given and do something pretty spectacular!

So, if you’ve had a passion project in mind that you’ve always wanted to start if only you had the time, or a new business venture up your sleeve that you’ve been waiting for the right moment to launch, then this just might be it. If you’re keen to do something amazing but aren’t sure what yet, then look no further – because we’ve rounded up five of the best ways to spend the extra time at home, and all of them will leave you with some pretty incredible results at the end of it.

Start an online business

Image credit: tashka2000/Bigstock.com

Have you always wanted to start your own online business? In a world where bricks and mortar shops and stores are going through a tough time, the online world continues to thrive, with many people relying on sites such as Amazon to get hold of their household essentials without having to break quarantine.

Many eCommerce stores have seen a huge surge in the number of sales being made each day in recent weeks, so if you have designs on starting your own, then why not make the leap now? Even luxury goods are still in demand from affluent markets, even during this challenging time – so if you’re keen on tapping into a high net market, then this could well be your chance. If you have a beautiful collection of designer shoes or handbags you no longer want, and all of them are in pristine condition, then there is a huge market for classic and vintage pieces to take advantage of.

It couldn’t be easier to get your fist eCommerce store set up, with services like Shopify providing a user-friendly platform on which to get started. There will be plenty of time for fancy website developments started, but it’s a great way to get your foot in the door. With a range of apps available to take your site to the next level, you could have a professional looking site in no time. Do your research for more info on how to level up a basic site before you get started.

Transform your garden

Fancy spending your time doing something a little more therapeutic? Then what better time to transform your garden? With spring having well and truly sprung, and our gardens now almost the only place we can enjoy a little fresh air and soak up the sunshine, it’s the perfect prompt you’ve been waiting for to upgrade your outdoor space. Create a lawn that will become the envy of your neighbours by beginning a regular maintenance regime – for our top tips on how to get the perfect green space in your garden, click here.

Whilst it might be difficult to get labourers in to do heavier jobs such as laying patios and decks, planting a few new spring bulbs in your beds in time for the summer is a quick and easy way you can brighten things up a little. Try creating beautiful hanging basket displays or pot some of your favourite plants and arrange them strategically around your garden. If your patio needs tidying up a bit, then get out the pressure washer and give it a good going over to get it nice and clean. And, if your deck area could do with a little sprucing up, then why not give it a varnish?

Learn a new skill

Have you always wanted to learn to sew beautiful dresses, edit beautiful photos or cook an incredible signature dish that is guaranteed to wow future guests? Or maybe you’ve had a course in mind that you’ve always been interested in taking. Whatever it is, there has never been a better time to learn a new skill, and with thousands of online courses, tutorial videos and blogs available to teach you how to do just about anything, it couldn’t be easier to get started.

Set yourself a challenge to spend at least an hour a day on your new skill or course, and by the end of quarantine, you’re guaranteed to have made some great headway. Whether it’s something you can apply back in the business world, or simply a hobby for fun, there are few things more satisfying than developing your knowledge or gaining a brand-new talent. However you choose to spend your time in quarantine, make it a productive one – because in today’s fast-paced world, there’s no telling when you’ll have the opportunity again.