3 luxury Mother’s Day gifts that will show how much you care

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how best to show yours what she means to you – and what could possibly say it better than a Cartier watch, a pair of diamond earrings, or a brand-new car? Actually, there are a few things, and the perfect Mother’s Day gift should be more about the thought you put into it than it should be the bling. Having said that, if you can combine the two, then you’re onto a winner – just be sure to take into consideration your mother’s tastes, and choose a gift you know she’ll love – not something that you yourself would like to receive, as the two things can be very different.

Mums of all ages will appreciate a well-thought-out gift that shows how well you know her – and also one that speaks volumes about how much you really appreciate her. It’s easy to take the little things they do for granted, especially when we no longer live in the family home – but look back to all of the incredible ways she supported and nurtured you in childhood, and it might jog your memory.

If you’re stuck for inspiration this Mother’s Day and want to treat her to something she’ll adore, then look no further – because these luxury gifts offer the perfect balance of opulence and consideration.

A leather-bound photobook

Nothing says it better than a collection of all of your favourite memories together, and a photobook can offer the chance to take a welcome trip down memory lane. Easy to create and order, you can compile and print online and have it delivered to your door in just a few days. If you have some older photos that need a little TLC or there are some faces from the past you’d rather remove, then you can always digitalise them and use Photoshop to work a little magic – you’ll have them looking as good as new in no time, and no-one will ever know. Following a basic tutorial online can help to make small changes to your photos, like adjusting colours or removing any minor blemishes.

To add an air of luxury to your gift, opt to have your book leather-bound and embossed with her initials. Adding a personalised feel will make all the difference, creating a gift she can keep for life.

A designer watch – engraved

If you want to show her that the time you have with her is precious, then a designer watch could well be the way to go. Treating her to the classic timepiece of her dreams will make it a day she’s unlikely to ever forget – especially if she’s the type to always buy for others, and rarely thinks of herself.

From Rolex to Cartier, there are a wealth of beautiful watches on the market that could be right up her street, but doing a little digging beforehand should be enough to set you on the right track. Find out if she already has a watch, and which types of metals she prefers. Taking her wrist-size into consideration is also important, as slender arms will require a daintier choice of watch.

To make this an extra special gift, opt to have the underside engraved with a meaningful message that reminds her just how much you care. As long as she’s wearing it, she’ll never forget, making it a wonderful gift choice that is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

A luxury getaway

If she’s been having a stressful time of late, then what better way to spoil her than by treating her to a luxury getaway? Sending her off on a First Class flight to the Caribbean is guaranteed to put a spring back in her tip, affording her the time to relax, unwind and come back renewed.

Book her the suite at that luxury five-star hotel, send her to a private villa or treat her to a few days of true R&R at a luxury spa. Whatever her preferred style when getting away for it all, she’s bound to be eternally grateful. At this time of year, a little sunshine can be just what is needed – and to make it a truly special gift, why not accompany her on the trip yourself? Giving the gift of time is often far more meaningful that anything else could ever be, allowing you to make new memories together that she will cherish for life.

This year, why not make it a real Mother’s Day to remember? Money can buy some incredibly beautiful gifts, but time and consideration are just as important – so however you decide to treat her this year, remember it’s always the thought that counts. The gift of your presence, combined with a personal touch, is certain to put a smile on her face, so take the weekend off, turn off your phone, and give her your undivided attention.