3 garden building ideas to make your outdoor space even more luxurious

The nights may seem long at the moment but the shortest day has passed and, day by day, we are seeing a little more light in our lives. The beginning of the year is the time for making plans in your life, especially any outstanding home renovations or new features that you’ve been thinking of adding to take your living space to a more luxurious level. Though it may seem far away, the days for getting out in the garden will be upon us once more and now is the perfect time to start preparing for another summer with brighter evenings.

Over the winter months, it is possible that your garden has faced a degree of neglect as bad weather and dark nights keep you inside, but there’s no reason you can’t start to plan a fantastic outdoor space now. One of the more popular, and useful, luxuries to turn your garden from OK to outstanding has to be a luxurious garden building, to accentuate your outdoor experience.

A Readers Digest article explains how a good quality garden building can be installed in a week, which gives you plenty of time to ponder all of the potential ways to utilise your outdoor space. Surely you don’t need convincing , but if you’re considering it and need a little inspiration we have a few ideas for you that will have you mapping out your new garden in no time.

1. Hot tub and bar

Now you can take the party up a notch with a bespoke bar area as well – no more trips to the kitchen to top up your beverages and you’ll be the envy of all your guests. The right building will offer some protection from any overlooking neighbours, as well as acting as a staging area for getting in and out of the hot tub. Even when you’re not interested in having a soak, an outdoor bar area will serve as a fantastic focal point for those summer soirees in the warm evening sunshine.

2. Gym

If you’re suffering from the post-Christmas blues about your body and fancy getting in shape, or perhaps you’re a regular at the gym and want to bring it home with you, then installing a garden gym might be just the ticket. Whether you have children, a career or a busy life in general, it can be difficult to find the time to go to the gym on a regular basis, a good quality garden building with a single room would be enough to give you the luxury of time and offer you the workout you desire.

Most of the log cabins from Screwfix have one room making them ideal to develop as a communal outdoor space such as a gym. Of course, you’ll need to consider which machines you want to include, as well as making sure that you’re going to be committed to working out, even if your gym is only a step or two away from your back door!

3. Games room

Done tastefully, an outdoor building can not only become the perfect games room, but it can give you the luxury of peace and quiet. An article by NCT suggests that outdoor play for children is hugely beneficial and by creating an indoor space outdoors, you’re creating an environment for your child that is beneficial to them as well as helping to clear the clutter in your home. Additionally, a games room might be the desire of teenagers or adults too. A bit of independence for your teen will be appreciated, offering them some time with their friends playing pool or computer games without disturbing the rest of the house. Additionally, pop a dartboard up, install a football table or a TV and the adults of the house can enjoy some fun time too.