26 Undercut Hairstyles That Are a Party in the Back

People are upping their undercut game as much as they are their hair color. Buzzing the back of their heads is merely a starting point. Hairstylists are using razors to create hair art at the nape of the neck. Geometric designs, line work, swirls and even characters are featured in next-level undercut hairstyles for women.

Undercuts may be more high maintenance than some other hairstyles, but there’s a reason why more people are grabbing razors and joining the undercut nation. An undercut is the modern version of a party-in-the-back hairstyle. Unlike a mullet, shaved hairstyles have infinitely more edge. Plus, there’s no styling involved, your hairdresser did all of the work for you. All you need to do is make sure that your undercut is clearly visible. That means wearing your long hair up to show off your shaved design.

It’s a shame that you won’t be able to see your actual undercut without looking through two mirrors, but at least you know that others will be able to admire it. Plus, you can still enjoy the photos of your ‘do that you post on social media. If you’re feeling ready to take the plunge, see some cool ways you can upgrade your basic undercut women’s hairstyle.

Triple Threat

This trio of triangles is bolstered by the colorful space buns and the tattoos.

Image: @ronnieraezor.blackgrapes

Pixie Plus

Proof positive that pixie undercuts rule. And the rainbow-colored crop puts it over the top.

Image: @anna.doinghair

Go With the Flow

This series of swooshes has a calming, almost hypnotic effect.

Image: @kirby_hairartisan

On the Edge

An edgy design hidden underneath naturally voluminous coils is truly unexpected.

Image: @fresherfades_

Keep It Simple

Add a few lines here and there to make a subtle statement.

Image: @juelzsamtana

Downright Dizzy

Don’t stare at this one too long…

Image: @ronnieraezor.blackgrapes

This End Up

Draw even more attention to a fiery mane with layered arrows.

Image: @buzzcutfeed

Bring On the Bling

You don’t need actual sparkle to shine. See these dazzling geo stars.

Image: @whotfiskue

Dot, Dot

Not even the breathtaking ocean view can distract us from this dynamic undercut. The way the hair at the nape of the neck follows the curving design is very clever. The two dots in the middle of the head are like the best exclamation point.

Image: @chicagokfox

Rock the Rainbow

Holy hair goals. Where can we start here? Every single part of this hairstyle is on point, from the auburn highlights to the rainbow undercut. It’s proof that a bit of color can draw even more attention to your shaved back.

Image: @dennisjosephbabyliss

Flower Power

Mandala flowers are as popular in women’s undercuts as they are for tattoos. The large overlapping petals in this design will still be visible from a few rows back on the bus.

Image: @rogueandwolf

Piece by Piece

A braid up the back of the head is impressive, but so is this shaved design. The triangles and the diagonal lines create a bold look that is as good as any brand logo.

Image: @hair_and_beauty_byjax

Scale It

One of the last things we want is scaly skin, but a scale-inspired hairstyle is a different matter.

Image: @lori__lozano

On the Peak

The v-shaped line would have been cool on its own, but the different geometric shapes create a hypnotizing effect. Who would have ever thought the back of your head could be so interesting?

Image: @agadondzik


Even if you loathe spiders, you have to concede that the way the spider looks like it is dropping down from the horizontal part is very clever.

Image: @marte.mar

X Marks the Spot

Forget about finding treasure, this haircut is the prize we’re looking for. The blond and rose gold highlights get a badass finish thanks to the geometric design on the back of the head.

Image: @adriennelucina

Choose a Shape

Here’s proof you don’t need to shave the entire back of your head.

Image: @juelzsamtana

Swirling Around

Some people wear ribbons in their hair, while others get women’s undercuts that mimic them. This curving design has a 3-D effect that makes it resemble a curled up ribbon.

Image: @tashaso_sharp

Big Love

Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve, wear it on your head. The off-center placement of this design is cute, but it is the red color that we love.

Image: @salongstudio81

Go Big

A lot of women’s undercuts are a small surprise at the base of the neck, but this one is the star of the show. The shaved style goes up most of the head and continues around the sides, so you can really appreciate all of the swirling shapes.

Image: @houseofgen

Leaf It Be

If you’re a nature girl, you will obsess over this leaf undercut as much as you would a flower tattoo. If you want to continue with the nature theme, dye your hair different shades of green.

Image: @beautychemist

Try Triangles

There is something about staggered lines that is just so pleasing.

Image: @biank_

Shaved Sections

There are literally countless combinations you, or should we say your hairstylist, can come up with simply by using straight lines. Give him or her free rein and you could end up with an edgy design like this.

Image: @hairbyhannahcherry

Flower Girl

You could wear an actual flower in your hair or you could ask your hairstylist to shave a floral design into your mane. The placement of this oversized flower is fantastic. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about falling petals.

Image: @hair_brained

Hypnotize Me

The best shaved styles are the ones that you can’t look away from. It’s easy to get lost in this cut when you start looking at the multi-dimensional intertwined shapes.

Image: @hairbykaesha.saffyresalon