19 Runway-Approved Hairstyles to Ring in the New Year

Our motto? When in doubt, look to the runways. That’s exactly our game plan when it comes to hairstyle ideas for New Year’s Eve.

Whether you want to keep things easy, breezy, boho or go all out, the recent runways have a ‘do for you. If you’re going for glitz, pile on the flashy headbands or slip on some eye-catching barrettes. Or you can forgo bold baubles altogether and opt for some hair jewelry instead.

From the wet hair look done the party way to updates on classic chignons, see below for 19 straight-from-the-runway hairstyles that’ll make your New Year’s Eve lewk.

Accent cornrows with mini pearls for the perfect party-ready look.

A black bow and a low pony equals one classic (and classy) New Year’s Eve look.

All it takes is a chain-link headband to make any ‘do New Year’s Eve-appropriate. Leave a few strands free to frame your face.

Create a multitude of braids and instead of relying on elastics, weave gold string in to hold everything in place. Then pile them up into a low updo, but leave a few tails free.

Everything 90s is in again, including snap clips. Pick a sparkling pair and simply snap them in place on opposite sides of your center-parted strands.

Make a low bun extra with defined finger waves up front.

This half updo may look like no big deal from the front, but it’s a party in the back thanks to those tucked strands.

We’ve all seen those low ponies with cord wrapped around the tails. Use the same trick to wrap up a low, looped ‘do.

Sculpt your baby hairs into tight spirals, then highlight your work by adding diamanté accents. Got a few left over? Feel free to decorate the outer corners of your eyes.

Attach some rhinestone accents to your side-parted locks for a hint of glam.

This grown-up take on pigtails is pretty festive thanks to the burgundy ribbon woven into each braid.

Use a curling iron to create soft waves, then twist your lengths back into a low chignon. Use some strategic bobby pins to keep every wave where it should be.

Rocking shorter locks? Simply slip on a statement barrette on one side of your head.

Jazz up a classic low pony with a glitzy headpiece. Make sure to tuck the dazzling diamanté strands into the knot holding your tail in place.

Wrap up your low bun with super thin braids. Bonus points if you work in a skinny braid or two on the sides.

Aim high by pulling your locks into a ponytail up top. Use a flashy hair accessory or scrunchie to secure the look.

Gather your hair at the nape of your neck, but instead of wrapping it into a ballerina bun, twist and turn it to create a low chignon.

Create a French braid, but tuck the bottom underneath. Pull the braid apart in certain areas for a fuller finish.

Another sky-high hairstyle, but this tall pony is split down the middle with a little help from that white bow.