1788-L Returns With His Best Remix Yet For Madeon’s “All My Friends”

It’s been a few months since we last heard a new release from 1788-L, that being his collaboration with The Glitch Mob, “Momentary Lapse” last November. Now, he’s back with his best remix yet for Madeon’s “All My Friends.” For the historically hard-hitting artist, remixing something as serene as “All My Friends” presents a unique challenge. How do you keep the spirit of the original while still putting your own spin on it? Or do you at all? Thankfully, the end result is a brilliant blend of both styles, with Madeon’s vocal style firmly intact and 1788-L’s iconic drop style on full display… with some upgrades.

The drop has a distinct analog flavor to it with heavily textured synths, paired with some weighty kicks and a groovy rhythm. Whereas 1788-L’s past tracks have sometimes tended to veer heavily toward sound design porn territory, this remix is neatly nuanced and beautifully composed, while still pushing that heavy sound. Clearly 2020 is treating this mystery producer right, because he definitely just leveled up. Check out 1788-L’s remix of “All My Friends” by Madeon below!

Photo via Rukes.com