1788-L & Blanke Each Show Off Their Own League Of Legends Theme Remixes At Red Rocks

While the first night of Illenium’s 3-night run at Red Rocks may have been a bust, last night went off without a hitch, and even had some extras in store. While Blanke’s set was unfortunately nixed due to Thursday’s cancellation, 1788-L graciously offered up an impromptu back-to-back that was more than welcomed. At the end of the set, each artist played their own remix of the League Of Legends 2019 Worlds theme, “Phoenix” — first 1788-L, then Blanke. (Disregard the logos on screen during the tracks.)

1788-L’s remix is the same heavily textured, glitchy sound that he has become known for, pumping out dense bass and a futuristic synth palette with a half tempo drop. Blanke’s, on the other hand, seems to have been hugely influenced from his collaboration with Illenium. It features a poppier intro with more emphasis on vocals, and a brighter, more melodic drop.

Check out both remixes live from Red Rocks below!