1788-L back with Parallel: S features two singles, “Human Machine” and “Automaton”

After a couple years of constantly putting out music, 1788-L took a break in 2020. Partly, surely, due to the global pandemic, but also because he’s surely been working hard and taking a break isn’t something that anyone should decry. But now, two years after his SYNTHETIK EP, he’s back with two fresh singles, released on Deadbeats, that show off some new music styles we haven’t yet heard from the masked producer. Parallel: S features two singles: “Human Machine” and “Automaton.” Though the names still reflect the branding of the project, the sounds therein are new to it. Bringing in elements of rock with “Human Machine” and funk with “Automaton,” we see 1788-L shifting away from the heavy midtempo sounds that brought him his first taste of notoriety.

Let’s be clear — this is not a bad thing. We love it when artists grow and experiment, and this change is definitely welcome. Though the new songs might be a bit jarring for fans who expected more of the same, they’re impeccably produced and begin to open up more possibilities for future 1788-L songs. Will his next song be back to midtempo? Will it be more like “Human Machine” or “Automaton”? Or will it be something completely different? The sky’s the limit for this humanoid entity and we can’t wait to see what happens next. For now, check out Parallel: S below!

Photo via Rukes.com