15-year old Asian artist Taliyah Kao Releases “Ten Floors” Single

Ten Floors is the latest release from 15-year old Asian artist Taliyah Kao. The single is reminiscent of the slow jam grooves that emerged in the late 90s and early 2000s. Slow jams are R&B songs that are slow enough to be considered ballads but have such a driving beat shaping the melodies, phrasing, and flow of the music. Taliyah Kao’s Ten Floors does just that.

Additionally, the young singer’s vocal dexterity shines through with her impeccable phrasing as she effortlessly rides the beat. The production and treatment of Taliyah Kao’s vocals allow the track to straddle the old school slow jams sound while bringing it forward into 2020 with a futuristic sound. Ten Floors is what a modern-day slow jam should sound like.

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Taliyah was born and raised around the culture of Toronto, Canada with Vietnamese roots. Her sound refines the areas of dark R&B and urban contemporary. Taliyah Kao expresses her most honest emotions through her music as she states she wants less people in the world to feel lonely. Her songwriting is deeply inspired by many 80s/90s hits (i.e., TLC, Aaliyah, Michael Jackson) in combination with today’s bigger R&B artists (i.e., The Weeknd, Frank Ocean).

As part of her Asian culture, Taliyah Kao was raised learning musical skills such as playing the piano and producing tracks in her small bedroom studio. Fast forward a couple years and Taliyah has been freelance engineering and producing music for others twice her age in the industry. While doing so, she finds herself very isolated often making music in her bedroom. Taliyah sets her music as her largest priority.

“I personally make sure my emotions are shared through my music so that less people in the world feel lonely” – Taliyah Kao