15 Brostep Songs From Before It Became Cool To Hate On Brostep

EDM.com recently put out an article of 11 dubstep songs you “forgot how much you loved,” and it got me thinking… could I do the same for brostep? Without a doubt, this was the era of dubstep/brostep in which I found myself most engaged with the underground, downloading any track I could get my hands on. Sure enough, I was able to come up with 15 tracks that you might remember, remember fondly, or perhaps have never heard before.

Some of the tracks below aren’t on any streaming services, so the only option was YouTube. Thankfully, dubstep on YouTube was thriving during that time, so it wasn’t hard to find most of what I wanted. I started at the bigger end, with Stinkahbell, Emalkay, Nero, and 12th Planet. But soon enough, I was remembering names like Ajapai, Document One, Calvertron, Jakwob, Doorly, and more. You probably don’t remember the name Document One, but you’ve definitely heard his song “Clap.” Ajapai was peak brostep, but hasn’t released anything in years; and yet, “Unlock Your Brain” sounds as fresh as it did in 2013. And everyone knows Bassnectar’s remix of “Lights” by Ellie Goulding, but have you heard Jakwob’s remix of “Starry Eyed”? Bet not.

Check out these 15 classic brostep tracks below and join me as we travel back in time!

Stinkahbell – Something In Your Eyes VIP

Emalkay – When I Look At You

Bar9 – Shaolin Style (Nero Remix)

Borgore – Guided Relaxation Dub

12th Planet – Father Said (ft. Skrillex)

Medison – Harry feat. Skrein (Bare Noize Remix)

Vaski – Murder

Flux Pavilion – Excuse Me

Dizzee Rascal – Bonkers (Doorly Dubstep Remix)

Shirley Bassey – Diamonds Are Forever (Butch Clancy Remix)

Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed (Jakwob Remix)

Ajapai – Unlock Your Brain

Document One – Clap

Lady Chann – Darkness (feat. Adiyam) (Calvertron Remix)

Surecut Kids – Drunk In This (ft. Cheasleauen) (Phetsta Remix)