14 Non-Tacky Valentine’s Day Manis You’re Sure to Love

With Valentine’s Day approaching, you’ve probably already bought your significant other (or yourself) a heart-stopping gift. Or at least a card. You may also have a special outfit all lined up for the big day and storyboarded your makeup strategy, but you forgot one crucial element: a Valentine’s Day-appropriate manicure. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about those OTT nail jobs with cutesy hearts or tons of glitter we sported in middle school. As adults, it’s time we upgraded our manis just like we moved past those cartoon valentines we passed out to schoolmates.

This year, favor unexpected shades (not just red and pink) and don’t be afraid to add some subtle shimmer. And remember, negative space nail art is still your BFF. Here are 14 Valentine’s Day nail art ideas we’re crushing on.

Wrap a swipe of blush pink in a rich red shade for a lovely look.

Image: @paintboxnails

We heart this red mani surrounded by gold.

Image: @nailartbyqueenie

You’ll want to keep rocking this light and hot pink mani long after Valentine’s Day.

Image: @hollyfalconenails

A couple of strategically placed dots really ups the ante.

Image: @betina_goldstein

Surround your nails in rose gold glitter.

Image: @aliciatnails

Alternate a soft pink and a ruby red, then pick a couple of nails to split the difference.

Image: @jinsoonchoi

Highlight striking gunmetal accents with a dusky rose shade as a base.

Image: @cassmariebeauty

Jazz up your red mani with some squiggly lines in different colors.

Image: @thehangedit

Roses for Valentine’s Day? Cliché. Roses for your Valentine’s Day mani? Groundbreaking.

Image: @nailartbyqueenie

Top off a sheer pink shade with golden tips.

Image: @stephstonenails

Checkered lines in varying shades of red are cool not cutesy.

Image: @mpnails

A coral pink mani really pops with small white dots.

Image: Imaxtree

Break up a burgundy mani with taupe lines in different positions.

Image: @tenoverten

Combine pink and white for a pretty spin on French tips.

Image: @oliveandjune