12 Year-Old-Dancer Returns To America’s Got Talent For New Boombox Cartel Routine

A little less than three months ago, 11-year-old Noah Epps stunned the judges on America’s Got Talent with his dance routine set to Excision’s song, “Exterminate.” Now 12, Epps’ penchant for using EDM in his routines hasn’t changed and the production has only gotten better. Now in the quarterfinals, Epps uses Boombox Cartel’s hit “B2U” for another stunning performance. From a technical standpoint, it’s debatable if this routine measures up to his first back in June. The moves are cleaner and the choreography a bit more simplistic, it seems like a lot of the emphasis was on the production around him rather than himself. But, at 12 years old, he still has a lot of time to improve and master his skillset.

All of that said, the use of “B2U” was fantastic and he has a devoted fanbase among AGT viewers. Hopefully he gets voted through to the next round so we can see more of what he has to offer!