11 Health, Hair & Beauty Inspo from Pinterest 100

We’re on to the second month of 2020 already, and I can’t wait to find out what lies ahead! To provide insight on lifestyle, fashion, beauty, wellness and everything else, Pinterest has produced an annual report on the 100 most popular keywords among 320 million Pinners from August 2018 to July 2019.

I already mentioned the ones on fashion, and here are the ones on beauty and wellness. The bracketed numbers indicate each trend’s year-on-year increase in saves or searches. Scroll down to see what’s on the list!

Main & leftmost images: Pinterest

1. Scrunchies (+6309%)

Who’s watched Heathers? I haven’t, but I hear about it every time scrunchies are mentioned. Apparently, the red scrunchie in the 1989 movie is a symbol of power, not unlike the conch in The Lord of the Flies. Heathers remains a fashion muse, and the legendary headpiece is getting a makeover lately with fresh designs and luxe materials like silk and leather.
Keywords: Hair scrunchie, ponytail, top knot

2. Hair Clips (+930%)

If you’ve read my other article on Pinterest 100’s fashion trends, you probably already know that the 90s is casting a big influence on fashion. As trendy as they are functional, hair clips come in myriad designs ranging from bobby pins to alligators, snaps and claws. Choose among fancily beaded or multicolored plain ones, and wear them in a row!
Keywords: Hair clips 90s, DIY hair accessories, hair extensions, up hairstyles

3. Gender-Neutral Haircut (+625%)

Short hair addict, anyone? The long bob has been around for a few years, and Pinners are looking for a fresh way to celebrate the increased acceptance of gender ambiguity. If you decide to go for a short bob or pixie cut, you most likely won’t be able to rock scrunchies, but the hairstyle still allows for variations like straight, curly or wavy, and perhaps you can still wear hair clips!
Keywords: Bob hairstyles, undercut, haircut types

4. Sea Moss (+380%)

Chondrus crispus a.k.a. sea moss is a red algae abundant along the Atlantic coast of Europe and North America. Aside from kale and carrot, you now have an additional choice for your morning juices. Rich in potassium chloride as well as antimicrobial and antiviral substances, it facilitates digestion, reduces inflammation and defends the body against infection. heimish’s and JAYJUN’s eye patches also contain this superfood.
Keywords: Sea moss benefits, natural remedies, thyroid, digestive health

5. Braided Hairstyles (+329%)

Another legacy from the 90s, box braids are back thanks to Rihanna’s viral IG post. This hairstyle is eye-catching enough for the red carpet but also versatile enough to appear in work environments. One drawback is that you usually don’t wash your hair during the 6-8 weeks you’re keeping thebraids, so if you just want a taste of it, get a fuss-free wig instead!
Keywords: 90s braids hairstyles, curly hairstyles, braids, ponytail

6. Space Tattoos (+267%)

Calling occupants of interplanetary craft! We all need some time to space out, both for dreaming about the future and remembering the past. The more aerospace advancements we accomplish, the more nostalgic we become about the profound imagination we used to have. These tattoos are testament to our eternal craving for the unknown.
Keywords: Geometric space tattoos, body art, tattoo style, origami

7. Planet Makeup (+217%)

Say yes to iridescent glitter, purple lip gloss, black lipstick and icy blue eye shadow, because they help build a retrofuturistic look. And since Classic Blue is Pantone’s Color of the Year, it’s only natural for beauty junkies to turn to this relatively rare makeup color for a change.
Keywords: Planet makeup, eyeshadow looks, glitter, contouring and highlighting

8. Product Swaps (+172%)

As we become more conscious of the damage we are causing to Earth, there is a growing trend towards swapping consumables for greener alternatives. For one, Korean beauty brand AROMATICA has substituted plastic packaging for 100% recycled glass. You can also exchange cotton masks for this LED mask, use a toothbrush with replaceable brush heads, or opt for solid soaps rather than liquid soaps.
Keywords: Green home, natural cleaning, cruelty free makeup

9. Lip Gloss & Liner (+144%)

This can probably be counted as part of the planet makeup trend. Put your best 90s face forward with shiny lip gloss, lip liner or even a touch of glitter. It’s all about defining and making your lips pop.
Keywords: Lip liner and gloss, makeup, DIY beauty, lipstick

10. Cucumber Juice (+99%)

Cukes aren’t just tasty and refreshing, they’re also good for your health and skin. They help to lower body weight, relieve constipation, hydrate and detoxify, reduce puffiness and inflammation, cool and soothe skin, regulate blood pressure and boost immunity. They’re also inexpensive and readily available. What’s not to love?
Keywords: Cucumber juice benefits, juice cleanse, weight loss, water

11. Ylang Ylang Oil (+91%)

Known officially as cananga odorata, ylang ylang is a tropical tree common in Southeast Asia. Its name is derived from the Filipino word ilang meaning “wilderness.” Essential oil extracted from ylang ylang flowers is used in aromatherapy to calm and relax the body.
Keywords: Ylang ylang essential oil benefits, fragrance, stress relief, romance